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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions!

  • Does our business operate in winter time?
    Throughout the winter season, dogs consistently attend to their needs. Maintaining your yard not only fosters a healthier environment for both your family and pets but also ensures gratitude during the spring thaw!
  • What is our Winter Policy?
    Winter poses unique challenges for diligent poop-scoopers, and despite our commitment to maintaining a clean and timely yard, certain adjustments become necessary during this season. Having successfully implemented our winter policy for the past 18 years, we've found it to be an effective approach to address the challenges brought about by winter conditions. In favorable weather, we strive to adhere closely to our regular schedule, ensuring our trucks operate regardless of the cold. If snowfall occurs on your designated day, we will reschedule your pick-up for the next appointed day. It's important to note that if feces are concealed in snow or frozen to the ground, we are unable to remove it until the next scheduled pick-up, weather permitting. Following a storm, please ensure that your yard's access points are cleared of debris and snow to facilitate our safe entry. While we diligently scoop, we do not shovel, so if there's no clear path to your yard, we'll have to postpone clean-up until the next scheduled day. We understand that pets may alter their routines in snowy months. Our scoopers adapt to these changes, focusing on accessible areas in your yard where your dog may have relieved itself during these altered patterns. If you need to change the designated area entirely, such as from the backyard to the front yard, please notify us at 516-676-0083 or via email at, and we'll adjust the scooping instructions accordingly. It's crucial to be aware that during winter storms, if we have to skip your scheduled day, no credits will be issued for these missed days. The subsequent visit will involve cleaning up twice the amount of waste, maintaining the same workload. If you wish to suspend service for the winter, kindly contact the office at least three days before your scheduled day. Keep in mind that a Spring Clean-up fee will be applied upon your re-start, considering winter accumulations can exceed ten buckets of waste, incurring additional costs. Choosing to suspend your account during winter means that customers who remained with us will have priority clean-ups when the snow melts. Given this, we generally advise against putting your account on hold. Our standard winter policy is designed to work in your favor, and throughout all seasons, we remain dedicated to efficiently keeping your yard clean. Thank you for collaborating with us at Scoopy-Doo Dog Waste Removal to ensure there's no poo on your shoe!
  • What to expect during rain?
    We operate in various weather conditions, but snow or extremely cold temperatures may hinder our work. Generally, our company is willing to work in the rain, but exceptionally heavy rainfall might pose limitations.
  • How are holidays managed?
    We do not work on the following days: ♦ New Year’s Day ♦ Memorial Day ♦ Independence Day ♦ Labor Day, ♦ Thanksgiving ♦ Christmas Day NOTE: We are closed the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Should I unlock my gate?
    Certainly, kindly open your gate. Our personnel is prohibited from climbing or jumping over fences.
  • Is it possible for us to work with a dog in the yard?
    In the majority of situations, yes. We have a positive relationship with dogs; nevertheless, there are instances when a dog may hinder our access to the yard. If you are aware that your dog is not comfortable with strangers or it becomes evident that your dog won't permit us to clean the yard, we kindly request that you restrain or confine the dog. If the dog prevents us from completing the yard cleaning, you may be charged for the scheduled service. Our priority is to avoid unnecessary risks for both your dog and our employees.
  • What are the payment options?
    We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month for the corresponding month's service.
  • Is there a need for me to sign any contracts?
    No, we do not mandate contracts, there is no minimum service period, and a 3-day notice is required for service cancellation.
  • Is there an additional fee for the initial visit?
    Indeed, there is an initial clean-up fee if your yard has accumulated waste for more than one week upon our first visit.
  • What if I have landscapers working on my yard?
    Let's discuss the role of landscapers. At Scoopy Doo Pet Waste Removal Service, we value a well-maintained yard just as much as anyone else. A manicured lawn makes it significantly easier for us to perform a thorough job when the grass is trimmed, and any leaves or fallen branches have been cleared. During the summer, we occasionally receive complaints about our clean-ups, which can be attributed to inconsistent landscaping rather than our service. Scoopy Doo attends to your yard at least once a week, even in adverse weather conditions, whereas landscapers may visit every other week or less frequently, depending on the weather. This variance in schedules sometimes results in challenges for us. The grass may become too tall for us to locate dog waste, making it difficult to achieve a complete cleanup. While we strive to provide comprehensive service, existing conditions may occasionally pose obstacles. When landscapers cut the grass, they may unveil hidden dog poop that we couldn't initially locate, leading to the perception that Scoopy Doo is not fulfilling its responsibilities. This is not the case – we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Therefore, we seek your understanding and propose that maintaining a consistent schedule with your landscapers will benefit everyone involved and contribute to the optimal condition of your yard.
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